LIU Nudelhaus

LIU Chengdu Weidao is a restaurant located in the heart of Mitte, right off Gendermenmarkt, offering authentic Sichuan cuisine with extremely strong technique technique and sourcing to prove it. With a menu full of flavorful noodle dishes, LIU Chengdu Weidao is a go-to spot for lovers of Chinese food. The cozy and inviting atmosphere, along with the friendly staff, make for a wonderful dining experience. Whether you're in the mood for something spicy or something more mild, LIU has something for everyone. Be sure to try their famous zajiang noodles, a Sichuan specialty that's sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Get your noodles and dumplings to go for the ultimate spicy-saucy-numbing experience - smash them on the steps of one of the grand buildings on Gendermenmarkt and whisper " Ber-lan" to yourself, quietly.


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  • lunch
  • dinner


  • Chili Noodles
  • Chili Wontons
  • Wontons
  • Hotpot


  • Specialty Soda


  • Takeout
  • Exceptional Service
  • Buzzing Atmosphere


  • Solo Dinner
  • Date Night
  • Casual Weeknight Dinner
  • Impressing out-of-towners
  • Quick Meal
  • Weekday Lunch
LIU Nudelhaus