Gel Gör Inegöl

The pomegranate sauce will make you feel.... things.


Gel Gör in Neukölln is an iconic little eatery that has been serving Köfte sandwiches for years. The place is open 24/7 and is a prime destination for all lovers of the Köfte Sandwich and night owls looking for a quality late night snack.

Gel Gör is an neighbourhood institution and loved by many Berliners. The reason is simple: There are few places that match the quality of the Köfte Sandwiches served at Gel Gör. The Köfte sandwich might be the lesser known cousin of the Döner Kebab, but it should definitely not be neglected. Some, including me, even prefer the Köfte Sandwich to the Döner Kebab. Essentially we're talking about small, minced meat sausages, which are grilled and then put into a baguette-shaped Turkish flatbread with salad, pickles and sauces. The result is nothing but delicious, at Gel Gör they use veal for their Köfte and the fatty meat goes down damn well in the company of the sandwich and the very fresh condiments.

The result is nothing but delicious

Operating out of a small shop on Kottbusser Damm, the Gel Gör crew serves this heavenly creation around the clock. That's right, you can drop by this place 24/7 to get food, which means that it's pretty much the perfect spot to finish a long Berlin night. Of course the Köfte Sandwich isn't the only thing you can eat at Gel Gör, they will throw all kinds of goodness on the grill for you. How about a nice little Sac sandwich with skewered meat chunks? Or just the classic Adana kebab? Or why not go a bit more wild and throw some lamb liver on there? The choice in the Gel Gör meat section is vast and once you're done with your mains you might want to consider ending your meal with something sweet like their excellent Kunefe.

One of the best spots in Berlin for a proper Köfte Sandwich

When you order your Köfte Sandwich, you'll have to choose between the normal one and the "Spezial" where the Spezial version is a lot larger. I highly recommend going for "komplett" when it comes to the condiments and then my personal choices for the sauces are Scharf (spicy) and Knoblauch (garlic) since the Kräuter (Herbs) sauce at Gel Gör has the very odd addition of yellow curry powder. That might just be the only thing I don't like at this place. The homemade Ayran is also fantastic and it's served in these awesome metal cups, which pretty much are the perfect vessels for Ayran.

Gel Gör is hands down one of the best spots in Berlin for a proper Köfte Sandwich and the fact that it never closes makes it one of my favourite eateries in the area. The quality of the ingredients and the handful of fresh herbs that are tossed on your sandwich set it apart from many others. Is it the best Köfte Sandwich in Berlin? Tough one, the only one that rivals it in terms of taste is Konak up by Kotti and in my world they are both fierce contenders for the Köfte Sandwich crown.

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