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If you're just in for coffee after the awesome Boxhagenerplatz Saturday Market, skip the brunch line!


Silo Coffee is the prime coffee and breakfast spot in Friedrichshain and a veritable heaven for the third wave coffee lover. Swing by for one of the best Flat Whites in Berlin and a hearty Aussie breakfast with lovely egg and avocado dishes.

Silo Coffee is a true breakfast and coffee haven in Friedrichshain and a most welcome addition to the café selection of this neighbourhood. Being the home of hundreds of mediocre restaurants, Silo Coffee stands out in terms of quality and has since the opening in 2014 established itself as the number breakfast and coffee spot in this part of town. I've received some very well-deserved feedback on my lack of tips for Friedrichshain and this article is the start of an effort to spotlight some culinary gems in this area.

It's quite simply a third wave coffee lover's dream-come-true.

Silo operates out of a lovely venue close to Boxhagener Platz where the whole interior is dominated by gorgeous wood furniture, giving the whole place a very pleasant and rustique vibe. For hot summer days there are also a couple of seats available on the sidewalk. Silo's slogan is coffee, food and booze but it's easy to say that life at Silo is predominately about coffee. They offer a very serious coffee selection with a choice from several roasters (among them Berlin's The Barn) and brewing methods like the classic machine or a V60 drip. It's quite simply a third wave coffee lover's dream-come-true and for me their Flat Whites rank among the city's best.

Silo is a lovely café and my favourite breakfast spot in Friedrichshain

In true Aussie fashion, Silo also serves a smashing breakfast where organic eggs in various forms meet the fabulous bread from Italian baker Sironi at Markthalle Neun. Take their signature dish for example, where two baked eggs are served in a pan with tomato sauce and toppings of your choice, like avocado and chorizo sausage. I strongly recommend going for just those two and then to mop up the sauce and eggs with the delicious Sironi bread. You certainly won't regret it. If you want to keep it simple you just order avocado on toast. Or go for the pimped version with a poached egg, ham, mushrooms and spinach. Quite the meal and the perfect base for a day to explore Berlin. Wanna keep it even healthier? Go for their homemade Bircher Müsli. In true café manner there is of course also always something for your sweet tooth and safe choices are always the cheese cake and the brownie. The food at Silo is generally very solid, it's sometimes slightly overworked in terms of components and unnecessary garnishes like paprika powder and balsamic vinegar, but bottom line it's very tasty and they are using some great produce to cook their food.

Silo is a lovely café and my favourite breakfast spot in Friedrichshain, the people behind the café are dedicated and extraordinary friendly and the probability of you having a bad time at this place is very slim. They are also constantly innovating and organizing events, one great example was the truly stunning brunch takeover by Lode & Stijn that Silo hosted during a weekend in April, where the Dutch chefs took over the kitchen and served their version of contemporary breakfast dishes. Another great example are their cuppings where coffee lovers can sample a large variety of different roasts and brewing methods.

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